Friday Snippet #1

A new weekly thing on my blog: Friday Snippets! Basically, it can be anything from a photo to a quote to a video to… anything! Just something short and (mostly) sweet, occasionally including writing prompts, in between the regular chapter posts.

Path of Leaves

As I said in Chapter 1, I love autumn colours. I walk this route regularly and it’s framed by trees. During autumn, it becomes a path of leaves. I swear sometimes there’s an inch of leaves under my shoes. Unfortunately, the path is used quite a lot so the leaves get mushed fairly quickly, but this time I acted fast and took a picture. Hopefully you’ll find it beautiful as well, though the picture does look pale in comparison to the real thing!

Bonus writing prompt: Write a short story (a page or two) about a person walking on this path. Who are they? Where are they coming from and where are they going? What do they think and feel?


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