Chapter 10 – A Book I Made, Literally

I made my first book maybe five, six years ago, and to this day that book hasn’t got a single word in it. This post isn’t about a story in a book; it’s a story about a forgotten book.

Blue Book Cover

The book in the picture is made by me. I’ve cut the papers for it, I’ve painted the cover, I’ve glued it together, and I’ve attached the pages to the spine. It was a crafts class project and I was supposed to start using it once it was ready, but I never did. It had to sit alone for a few years before I finally picked it up and started to think about what I should do with it.

I didn’t want to make it a journal or a notebook because my notebooks are always messy, go missing, or became forgotten with maybe a few pages of ideas. I didn’t want to write a story in it because what if there weren’t enough pages? Too many pages? What if I never finished the story?

Blue Book Open

I thought about my options and eventually decided that I wanted a scrapbook. I wanted to collect things that made me happy and put them on the pages. When I was getting ready to fill the first page, I hesitated. What if the scraps weren’t good enough? What if I had to take out pages? I was afraid I’d ruin the book.

Blue Book Pages

In the end, I didn’t get to write anything on the blue book. I happened to find another book, a ready-made, empty book that had the quote “Books that make us happy are the kind we could write ourselves” by Franz Kafka on it. And I chose that one as my scrapbook.

I’m preparing to move so I’m starting to go through my stuff to figure out what to take with me, and I found my blue book at the bottom of a pile. I felt it was time to stop being afraid of ruining it because due to my fear, it had been unused for so many years. The whole purpose of the book was lost because I didn’t think my ideas were good enough for a book I made. And that’s just silly.Blue Book Cover, Angle

The quote in my current scrapbook gave me an idea: quotes. No, it’s not original and no, they won’t be my words, at least not yet. But it’s a start. Post-it notes have been filling my life lately, so why not continue with them? The plan is ready: I’m going to get colorful post-it notes, write quotes on them, and put them on the pages of my book, hopefully creating a nice rainbow-colored motivation device. At some point I can replace or complement the notes with my own writing.

So go ahead, now’s the time to share your favorite quotes! Also, have you made your own books like this? If yes, I’d like to see pictures!

(I know I promised to show my Nano stats after every post but to be honest, I haven’t started yet. I’ve spent this weekend cleaning and packing and moving and unpacking, and I can only start nanoing this evening. So my first wordcount will come on Wednesday!)


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