Chapter 11 – Awoken Dragon proof copy!

I had a whole other post prepared for today but scratch that, because this arrived:

Awoken Dragon proof copy cover

The proof copy of Awoken Dragon! Delivered right on my doorsteps!

Awoken Dragon proof copy front and back

(Pardon me for the not-so-good pictures).The book is so shiny and pretty… and luckily, it looks great on the inside too. No missing page numbers or odd formatting, no lost chapters or messed up acknowledgements. I still have to read it thoroughly to make sure I’ve weeded out all typos and other tiny mistakes, but then it will hit the (virtual) shelves.

Awoken Dragon will be available on November 20th.

Direct links for all of the shops (,,, Kindle Store) will come on the publication date. It’s a great idea for a Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys YA fantasy novels, just a hint.

Awoken Dragon proof copy first page

Then a few words about the publication process so far.

As I said in my previous post, I’m using CreateSpace, and setting up the book was super easy and quick. I downloaded a ready template for Word and Photoshop (for the cover) so I didn’t have to mess around with any settings myself.

Once I’d uploaded the cover and interior files to CreateSpace, I had to wait for less than a day for them to check it met their guidelines. On their website they say it can take up to 24 hours but I think for Awoken Dragon it only took around 12-15 hours. The only problem my interior file had was that the fonts hadn’t been embedded correctly, but fortunately they embedded them for me and the text looks like it does on my computer.

CreateSpace has an online “proof reader” which shows the book in the way it will be when printed. You can view the cover in 3D so you can see if your image is going over the edges or if the text is out of the place, and then you can browse through all the pages in the book.

I ordered a physical proof copy because I wanted to make sure it really looked the way I intended, and also to just finally hold my book in my hands. When the courier rang the doorbell, I practically ran to meet him and tore the packet from his hands. And then I tore open the packet (carefully!) and just admired it… It really was an amazing feeling to see my story in covers, looking like a professional book. Well worth paying for the quickest delivery option.

So now I’m going to proof read it (once again) and then, in just two weeks and a day, you’ll be able to get your very own copy of Awoken Dragon.

NaNo word count for November 4th: 7,087 (target 6,667)


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