Friday Snippet #7

Writing fantasy, sci-fi, or just fiction in general? Running out of ideas? Not sure what to name a character/spaceship/inn, or hoping to have a map of your new world without drawing it yourself?

Donjon Fantasy World Map

Donjon is a great site with a variety of RPG tools (also good for writers). The tools range from Random Adventure Generator to Star System Creator to Fantasy World Creator to… a bunch of other things. And they’re free!

So if you’re looking for ideas for your story (or D&D campaigns), you should check out the site here.


2 thoughts on “Friday Snippet #7

  1. Thanks for that. Might come handy. Especially the maps. I don’t have a problem with making up the names, nor language. 🙂 I totally love creating my own language. 🙂


    • Yes the map tools are great, I could spend a day just generating new ones 🙂 I don’t usually struggle with names either but when I do, I like to try a few generators to see if any good ones come up.


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