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Chapter 19 – Christmas Start-Off

December has finally arrived which means I can officially start waiting for Christmas. Stories and films and songs are great for creating a Christmassy feeling for me, so over the course of December I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ones with you!

My absolute favorite Christmas story/film is Joulupukki ja noitarumpu (‘Santa Claus and the Magic Drum‘). The film is based on Mauri Kunnas’ children’s book of the same name and it follows Christmas preparations at Santa Claus’ village.

Santa Claus and the Magic Drum

Odd things are happening in the village and the elves find a strange letter that has a gift wish from a child named Vekara… except that no one has any idea what the picture on the letter describes. Santa Claus, Noora and Ville (two kids from the village) investigate the strange happenings while the other elves make gifts for Vekara, each one sure that their interpretation is correct. But can Noora and Ville find out who or what is causing all the incidents in the village before Christmas is ruined for the year?

I love the film. It has a lovely art style, funny characters, interesting plot, and a bit of shamanism and magic thrown in. They show it on TV here every Christmas and I always try to watch at least a part of it. It’s also been translated into English but I’m not sure where you could get it.

Another one of my favorites is The Snowman. A classic that probably doesn’t need explanations. Walking in the Air is a beautiful song, although I have to say I like Tarja Turunen’s version of it best (listen it on YouTube). I also like the film’s sequel, The Snowman and the Snowdog, and I’ll watch it too if it’s on TV. The Snowdog is cute, I just wish my snow sculptures could come to life too.

The Snowman and the Snowdog

Then there are all the other Christmas movies I’m not going to list in detail because I’d still be writing on Christmas Day. But I’m a sucker for kids films. Mickey, Barbie, Muppet, Grinch, Puppy Paws… Pretty much anything goes. Home Alone, Gremlins, Santa Clause, bring them on! Watching a silly, fun film with some gingerbread cookies and a blanket around my shoulders = win. I can’t wait for my holidays to start so I can spend my evenings doing just that.

To end this and to prove my childish nature (which I’m not sure needs to be proved…) here’s a picture of my Advent Calendar:

Barbie Christmas Calendar

Yup, that’s a Barbie calendar. It makes me happy. And the chocolate is tasty too. … Don’t judge me too harshly.

What about your favorite Christmas films, or do you even watch any? If yes, are there any Christmas films that are usually shown every year that you always (try to) watch? If you have a Christmas/Advent calendar, does it have pictures or chocolate or something else?


2 thoughts on “Chapter 19 – Christmas Start-Off

  1. I love Santa Claus and the Magic Drum! I watch it about twenty times every year. 😀 At least I have it on dvd, and on it there are the Finnish, Swedish and English versions, but I don’t know how available that would be in countries with different area codes.


    • I’ve been meaning to buy the DVD for ages, maybe I’ll finally get it this year! I’m not sure the DVD exists in any other region code than 2 (at least I haven’t seen one) which is a shame since the movie should be seen by everyone 😀


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