Chapter 23 – A Good Year

Recently I saw a news article titled “2014 – The shittiest year ever.” Despite everything that’s happened in the world, for me this year was one of the best – if not the best so far – in my life.

While I did see a fireworks show for this year, the weather was so bad I couldn’t get pictures. So have some firework pictures from a few years back instead!

I achieved a lot this year, even if those achievements don’t seem like much to anyone else. I started blogging, which I really enjoy. Every visitor, view, like, comment and follow mean a lot to me and I want to thank all of you for taking part in my blog.

I also managed to publish a book. Maybe it wasn’t the best book published this year but to me it meant reaching one childhood dream. Publishing it made me more certain that I want to be a writer who actually shares her work with the rest of the world – I’ve always been writing and my computer is full of stories, but until Awoken Dragon I rarely let anyone read them. I know I have a lot to learn and much room for development in the field of writing but I’m determined to make the effort. Similarly I’m going to make the effort to read a bit more than I did this year (I’m not even going to say a number because it’s embarrassingly low). Fortunately I have a pile of good books around, I just need to get started!


Like I’ve mentioned in a couple of other posts, I recently moved to another city. While I never expected to end up in this city, it’s one of the main reasons I’m so happy with this year because it meant finally moving in with my boyfriend. Long-distance relationships just aren’t that fun.

Now, I made a post about goals a while back, and promised to post my New Year’s resolutions list so here it is, in no specific order:

  • Write a novel (preferably before NaNo) and at least 5 short stories
  • Read at least 6 books (meaning a book in two months – slow, I know)
  • Start a healthy hobby (trying to choose between swimming, dancing, and just walking around the city, plus bicycling when spring comes)
  • Improve my blog and overall writing skills (still not sure about the details but I’ll figure something out)
  • Comment more on other blogs (at least one comment/week but aiming for more)
  • Save money for buying an apartment (probably not going to buy during 2015 but I need to start saving)

Did you make resolutions? What was similar to mine and what was completely different? Do you think you’ll keep your resolutions?

Winter scene
One last Christmas/wintery picture for the year!

And now I shall end this and my blogging for this year, so Happy New Year (Hyvää uutta vuotta) everyone!! See you in 2015.

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