Chapter 26 – New Chapter

I recently started a new job, or more accurately internship. After all the years of school, it’s at times daunting to realize how little I actually know. It’s not easy to ask for help in something everyone around me considers just the basics, but it’s necessary. It’s life.

I’ve had jobs before and it always took time to learn so this isn’t really anything new. The difference is that this time whatever I learn can have a direct impact on what I’ll end up doing afterwards. That’s why I want to make the most of this opportunity, no matter how dumb I feel asking for instructions (I’m sure no one here thinks I’m dumb or minds helping, I just have a way of imagining problems everywhere).

One of my weaknesses is that I want to learn everything. This makes it hard to focus on any one thing, and I end up knowing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Not really good when hoping to build a career in something. Fortunately it’s not too late to learn and hopefully this internship will guide me towards something I’d enjoy doing for a living.

Writing for living sounds great but, being realistic, my writing won’t pay the bills. Perhaps one day, perhaps not. Besides, if my only source of income was writing, I’m afraid it would take out the fun and make it (even more) stressful. I consider myself a writer in any case, and I feel just fine about having a nine to five job doing something else. If I won the lottery, I might ditch other jobs and just write, but that’s too unlikely to even call it a dream.

Will write for food
Picture by Ritesh Nayak

I recently saw someone ask who can be called a writer so let me repeat it to you: What does it take to be a writer? Do you need to be published or is it enough that you write often? Or do you need to publish a bestseller, create a name people will recognize? As I already said, I consider myself a writer, so obviously I don’t think you need to be famous or write fulltime to be a writer. For me it’s enough that you write and enjoy writing, publishing (online or as a book, no matter) is just a big plus.

Speaking of writing, I’ve started planning some new stories. So far I only have their beginnings and a few characters in mind, but I’m still excited about them. Among them are my plans and outlines for the sequel of Awoken Dragon which is my main focus at the moment. I also have idea for two different short story collections, although I’m not sure which one I’ll end up finishing.

To end this I’d like to apologize for this late post. I was away for the weekend and forgot to write & schedule a post in time, so I’m only posting now. Wednesday should be on schedule again!


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