Review: Second Chance by Dylan Hearn

Since I promised to read more books this year, you can follow my progress as I review what I read. The reviews won’t be too long or detailed, but hopefully they’ll still offer help to some wondering what to read next. I started with Dylan Hearn’s Second Chance. Second Chance is a sci-fi book set in a future where humans have learnt to work together after natural disasters caused by climate chance. To find a more detailed description and the cover image, check out Dylan’s WordPress site.

To start off, I really enjoyed Second Chance. It follows multiple characters, alternating between each of their own PoV chapters. It was a bit hard to keep track of who was who in the beginning but the confusion didn’t last long, as the characters all felt different. They had their own personalities, goals and motives, and throughout the story I wanted to find out how things would turn out for each of them. A very good thing, since while the book has an interesting plot, it’s very focused on the characters. The side characters were also well written, especially those that had more “screen time.”

The plot, as I already mentioned, was interesting and solid. The future shown in the book includes ever present dataspheres and datalenses, algorithms and information cleansing, and Re-Life, a new technology that’s advertised as a way to live forever. But it’s never that simple. Politics, criminals and corporations looking out for themselves still exist, and at the center of the story is the disappearance of a university student. I don’t want to give spoilers so let’s leave details at that. Suffice it to say that the story drew me in and made me want to keep reading, to get more information on the characters, the plot and the world.

As a short sum up, the characters were great, the plot was interesting, and the world was intriguing. Second Chance is the first part of The Transcendence Trilogy, so obviously there were questions left unanswered at the end but not too many, although I would’ve liked to know more about some things. For example the whole Re-Life thing ended up feeling a bit obscure and distant even though it was a very central theme, and some world shaping events mentioned in the book were left at that, without better explanations. Still, I’m excited about reading Absent Souls, the second book in the trilogy, and maybe some of the answers will be there.


You can find this review also on my Goodreads account. I haven’t been very active in there and it doesn’t have all the books I’ve read, even recently, but from now on I’ll post reviews of books I’ve read both here and there.


4 thoughts on “Review: Second Chance by Dylan Hearn

  1. Thank you so much for your kind review of Second Chance (and thanks as well for posting it on Goodreads). I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy Absent Souls just as much whenever you get the chance to read it.
    Good luck with the rest of your reading challenge.

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  2. “Second Chance is a sci-fi book set in a future where humans have learnt to work together after natural disasters caused by climate chance.” As I understand it’s utopia… 😉
    I applaud you if you can review all the books you read. Today, on my Polish blog, I finally reviewed a book I read almost month earlier, Samuli Paulaharju’s Sami’s tales (10/10, btw). I had no time for this, there was always something more pressuring to write about. 😛 My wish for the new year should be “to review all the books I read”. I still have some books from last year, I’d like to review, but the new ones I finished already are waiting too. And another topics… Well, I hope you’ll be able to review all the books you read. 🙂 Good luck with that.


    • Thanks, good luck with your reviews too! I’m really terrible at reviwing anything to be honest. On my Goodreads page, of all the books I’ve added I’ve only reviewed two or three. But now that I promised to read more and I’m blogging anyway, I figured I might as well review the books I go through.


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