Chapter 29 – Author Pages

I was maybe a bit late with creating my author pages on Amazon and Goodreads, but now they’re done. Will they help or make a difference? I’ve no idea, but I like them anyway.

This is my picture on Goodreads until I figure out a better one. Very pretty, isn’t it?

The idea of author pages is, as far as I understand, to offer (potential) readers a way to find out more about you and your works, upcoming events and such. At least on Amazon Author page you can add videos, photos, blog posts, tweets etc. on top of your usual biography. Well, I don’t have any relevant videos or pictures to add, and I don’t have a Twitter account, so my page there is quite basic.

Goodreads author page seems to be more about getting you connected and engaged with the community. You can answer questions, also have a blog, post news etc. But the feeling of it is more, let’s say, closer to the reader than on Amazon. I don’t have that much on Goodreads either though.¬†Apart from a very short bio, I’ve added a link to my blog. And I think that’s pretty much it. Maybe later on when I’m getting ready to publish something again I can add publishing dates and such on the calendar, but until that I’m not sure what else to post there.

The reason it took me a while to get the pages done was simply because I wasn’t sure if I needed one. I probably don’t but then I realized I don’t have to need it to create it. Maybe no one will visit them but if someone does and finds it helpful someway, it’s good to have, right? There are a lot of people whose works I admire. I’d like to tell it to these people and maybe say hi, but for the most part they’re too hard to reach. I thought that by creating the author pages I’d give more people the chance to contact me if they wish.

If you have an author page, have you found it helpful? What kind of information do you add there, for example do you link your blog posts or similar there, or is the author page just for basic information?

Do you ever read author pages and if you do, do you read them before or after reading the author’s work? Has an author page ever affected your decision of reading a book? A lot of questions but the answers could mean a lot to writers.

I’m not expecting these pages to make a lot of difference but I feel good knowing they’re there. Still, it’d be great to hear what sort of things people want to read, especially if it’s something that’s not on the page or my blog already.


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