Chapter 35 – Goal Check

I made New Year’s Resolutions with a solid intention of following through. Two months of this year down, so let’s take a look at how I’m progressing.

Picture by Shawn Harquail

Write a novel
Yes! At least if first drafts count. The first draft for the sequel of Awoken Dragon is now complete. Now I’ll have to move it from paper to computer, let it rest a moment, read it again to find all plot holes, prepare for editing… Fun times!

… and at least 5 short stories
Well, I sort of have one. Not good but at least it’s something, and I still have plenty of time.

Read at least 6 books
If anyone remembers this and has been counting the weeks since I started posting book reviews (which I’m sure you didn’t), you already know I’ve fulfilled this goal! Yay! Six books read and reviewed in six weeks, excellent stats for me. But I’m not stopping there, so you’ll still see reviews from me, just not necessarily every week.

Start a healthy hobby
Uhh, not quite. No hobbies, but I’ve dedicated week days when I’ll be exercising. I’m hoping it will lead to results some time during this year.

Improve my blog and overall writing skills
Still under construction. I admit I haven’t looked into this much. Shame on me. I have started posting reviews so at least there’s something new on my blog though.

Comment more on other blogs
I’ve certainly tried! This is going alright (averaging more than one/week as was my initial goal) but not as well as it could, so I’ll keep working on it.

Looking pretty good, I’d say! It’s only the first of March and I’ve fulfilled two out of six, sort of three even. Still plenty of work to do but it’s good to know I’m heading into the right direction.

If you made any resolutions, how are they going?


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