Chapter 36 – New Books

I wasn’t supposed to buy new things but somehow ended up ordering three books to my collection. You can never have enough books. At least that’s my excuse (and they were on sale!).


Two of the books I ordered arrived yesterday and you can see them on the picture above. First is Kangastus 38 (Mirage 38) by Kjell Westö, and the second is The Key to Creation by Kevin J. Anderson. The only downside is that I never read the small print on The Key to Creation – the print that said “book THREE.” So I’m currently on the hunt for books one and two. Good job, me! The third book I ordered didn’t arrive yet but it was The Poet by Michael Connelly.

I don’t really have a shortage of books to read. I’ve never had. Even without these new additions, I have around ten books I’d like to read but I haven’t decided on the order yet. My “to-read” queues tends to shift and change according to my moods. A book I’ve been waiting for might have to wait a long time if something else catches my interest just before I start reading.

Book suggestions are always welcome but to be honest I’ve only read a few books based purely on recommendations. Mostly I pick them based on my gut feeling and/or cover image/title. Yes, I do that. I shouldn’t, maybe, but when browsing hundreds of ebooks on Amazon, I just don’t have time or patience to read through every single blurb and description. Good title or cover brings me to the description, and then I decide whether it sounds interesting enough or not. I give the reviews a look but not too much. Then there’s blogs. They’re great for getting recommendations and finding new authors. So far I’ve already found two great books/authors by following blogs, and I’m sure I’ll find much more in the future.

I’m not the best at actually reading something I find interesting. I’ve stuck to my plans pretty well this year (mostly because I want to write reviews for my blog) but still some books are constantly moving around on the list, hoping they’ll some day be on top. For example, I waited eagerly for the English version of Baptism of Fire by Andrzej Sapkowski for about a year. I finally got it for Christmas but – you guessed it – I still haven’t even started it. I really should. The Witcher series is one of my favorites and reading it would be a good way to get into the mood for the upcoming game. Right now it’s in the top three of “books I’ll read next” but who knows what will happen.

I’d like to read different types of books in a row, instead of four fantasy books followed by three sci-fi and so on. Mixing it up keeps it more interesting, though I’ll admit I haven’t done a very good job with it. At least those three new purchases offer something else to my fantasy/sci-fi heavy list of late.

Do you ever have a problem of choosing the reading order for books? Is there a book you really want to read but haven’t gotten around to it because of other books? Do you focus on one book or do you read several at a time (maybe have one at home, one at work, etc.) ?


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