Chapter 40 – Twitter, Thank You, and Things

I’ve finally got myself a Twitter account. Not a single tweet so far but I’m getting there, I think. And I invite you all to follow me!

Why should you follow me? Err, well… Um… I’ll announce new posts, retweet interesting stuff, and maybe even write a few tweets of my own. I’m not limiting my Twitter strictly to writing/my blog but those will probably be the main themes.

Then a big Thank YOU! Yes, You. I was excited to discover that my blog has passed the 100 followers mark. Might not be a big number to some but to me it’s huge, and I wanted to thank you all for following and reading my posts. Every like, comment and follow make my day, and I hope my future posts will keep you interested.

And since this is sort of a general-rambling-what’s-going-on post, let’s add a few random things:

  • If you’re making potato chips at home, don’t drown them in oil or they will be mushy. Also, don’t drown them in black pepper. They will not taste the best
  • Shepherd’s pie made with moose meat is awesome
  • I’m heading off to Budapest in a few months so yay! Tips? Advice? Anything is welcome!
  • There was an epic Northern Lights show all over Finland in the beginning of the week. Check out some pictures here!
Picture By Marko Airismeri

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