Review: Bound by a Dragon by Linda K. Hopkins

Bound by a Dragon by Linda K. Hopkins tells the story of Keira who lives in a medieval style village with her family. A dragon moves to the nearby mountains, terrifying the villagers but intriguing Keira. Around the same time a stranger arrives to the village. He’s Aaron Drake, an heir to the Storbrook Castle in the mountains – the same mountains where the dragon now lives.


To start off, this book doesn’t offer many surprises. From the first few pages I could already make an estimated guess of how the story was going to go, and I didn’t miss the mark. I didn’t expect all the small details and plot points on the way, but nothing really surprised me. There wasn’t a time where I was worried for the main characters, despite their struggles, because the situations resolved fairly quickly and in a few pages everything was fine again.

But that’s not all bad. Every now and then I enjoy having a quick and easy read, with romance thrown into the mix. In this book romance is the central point and the story unfolds around Keira and Aaron, with difficulties and obstacles periodically popping in.

The romance in the story is pretty much love at first sight, but later on there’s some character development, although not as much as I would’ve liked. At times it’s a bit unrealistic but something kept me reading to the end. There are kisses and cuddles and passionate looks, but mostly it’s just fluffy and sweet. Some descriptions got repetitive, like blazing or burning eyes.

The world of the story felt authentic and that was one of the best parts about this book. Characters as a whole felt a little flat but some had deeper layers that kept it interesting. I didn’t bond with them that much but I liked sharing the few hundred pages with them. If I’m looking for another fantasy romance read, I could very well pick up other books in this series (The Dragon Archives).



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