Friday Snippet #24

Today, take a tour around the world of blogs by reading these interesting posts!

Picture by Sunny_mjx

There were heaps of great posts this past week (as there always is) but to keep the list short and sweet, I picked out five.

Fear and writing | The Happy Typewriter
I think every writer has had these types of thoughts and it’s comforting to know you’re not alone with the struggle.

#A-Z Challenge: C is for Characterisation | Alison Williams Writing
Part of the A-Z challenge, this C deals with characterisation and how important it is to create characters that feel alive.

Bullying: What can you do? | Girls Heart Books
Not strictly about writing, but I’ve been reading a book dealing with bullying and I think it should be talked about more.

Writing Tip – Turning Up the Heat Part 3: The Impossible Dilemma | The Author’s Chair
I’m only linking part 3, but you should check out the other posts for Writing Tips as well, because they offer a lot of good advice.

How should you kill a balding long toothed ogre? | Blondewritemore
Here is a fine example of how bending the rules a little (for a blog battle, writing prompt, etc.) can lead to great and funny results.


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