Friday Snippet #25

To celebrate the progress I’ve made with my novel, here’s a few non-writing websites I use to procrastinate after(/before/during) a long stretch of work. Also when I’m at work and nothing’s happening.

Picture by praline3001

Not Always Right
In case you haven’t found this site yet, it collects hilarious and also irritating stories about customers who definitely aren’t always right. I think you’ll especially enjoy this if you work/have worked in customer service but in any case give it a shot.

Who doesn’t know the lazy orange cat who loves lasagna and himself? In Finland he’s called Karvinen, by the way.

Scandinavia and the World
Great, funny comics where characters are different countries. As the title suggests, it focuses on Scandinavia but there’s a whole range of countries involved. Usually every comic has a tidbit of information related to the strip.

Most use this to learn languages. I use it to kill time. Alright, I have learned things using it and I believe it can be a very effective learning tool, but mostly I take courses that sound fun and are fast. Like dog breeds!

What non-writing sites (other than social media) do you usually browse when you’re killing time?


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