Friday Snippet #27

Happy May Day! It’s May Day (Vappu) today. In Finland it’s also known as ‘drink till you drop day’ (alright I’m kidding… sort of).

Picture by Pasi Pitkänen

Finns celebrate Vappu with alcohol, student caps, sima (a drink made from lemons, brown sugar and yeast), general partying, confetti and balloons. I’m going to bake a cheesecake and drink soda. I would’ve loved a balloon with the Avengers on it but they sold out before I acted. Sad face.

A writing prompt for the weekend: Write a flash fiction piece of one of the people on the picture above! What are they doing, where are they going? Are they hoping to buy a specific balloon or do they hate the crowd and just want to get home?

Bonus question for you: Do you celebrate May Day, and if yes, how?


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