Chapter 52 – Beginning of Summer with 6 tips

I’m now officially on summer vacation, so yay for that! I have a bunch of plans, including writer-ly ones, and I can’t wait to get started.

Picture by Rick Harris

I thought I’d share those plans with you for inspiration in case you haven’t planned your whole summer already. Even if you don’t have a vacation, you can keep these in mind:

1. Be creative

Now, you might be thinking “duh,” but just hear me out. Be creative in a non-usual way for you. Write novels/short stories/poems/songs/?, paint paintings/miniatures/furniture/?, knit, sow, press flowers… anything!

I’m going to be working on the sequel for Awoken Dragon, hopefully write a few more short stories, and perhaps finally finish painting my Dreadnaught-model.

2. Visit someplace you’ve never been to

Doesn’t have to be far away or too exotic. I have plans for a visit to a park called Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s lake). Why? Because I once saw the name on a map and it sounded intriguing. My suggestion is to open up Google Maps and move through the places around your home (you can decide the radius) and choose somewhere with a cool name.

3. Try a new hobby

Summer is a great time to try a new outdoor hobby. Swimming, tennis, badminton, running/jogging/walking, photographing…

4. Go see people

Relatives and friends and anyone you haven’t seen in a while. I’m sure we can all think of a person we should visit more but never seen to have the time for, so plan ahead and make time.

5. Remember to rest

Stress is bad for you so remember to rest well. Even if you’re working, try to squeeze in a moment of peace every day (if you can’t, at least have one longer moment a week). I hear adult coloring books are the big hit this year for a quick moment of rest. Have you tried them?

6. Participate in an event

I’m sure there are countless events happening over the summer months all over the world, so check some local guide to find those that interest you. A music festival, a writer event, a sports competition… Whatever sounds good to you!

I’m heading for Tuska music festival at the end of June. I might also walk through the Helsinki Food Festival because who doesn’t love street food?

I hope you found some inspiration from these. I’d love you hear your summer plans!

Additional announcement: for the months of June and July, I’ll only be posting blog posts on Wednesdays and Fridays.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 52 – Beginning of Summer with 6 tips

  1. Great tips! I hope your summer’s been nice thus far. My summer job ends next week, so I finally have some time to follow your advice. I always manage to pack my summer full with activities (as I have this summer as well), but I’ll try to keep these tips in mind to relax and give my creativity a nice boost.

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