Review: Witch’s Sacrifice by Crissy Moss

Witch’s Sacrifice by Crissy Moss introduces us to Marizza, a young woman rumored to be a witch. And in Sea of Tears, rumors can cause damage to more than your reputation.


Acolytes worshipping the kraken, a mighty sea beast on the hunt for everything and anything magical, are always searching for withces to offer as sacrifices. Marizza never knew of her abilities but whispers and fear spread through her home village, and she can’t ignore it. In her fury she destroys a bakery but before the acolytes find out, she’s saved by Salvia, a mother witch.

Salvia’s mission throughout the three centuries of her life has been to find and save witches and people mistaken for witches. She sees promise in Marizza, but the young woman must learn to control her abilities. Salvia takes Marizza away to train her, but it’s a solitary life in a barren island. Knowing what awaits her in the outside world, Marizza isn’t in a hurry to leave her new home. Until she meets Artiro, a merman, that is.

As the first book of the Witch’s Trilogy, this book lays out a lot of backstory and history for the Sea of Tears, the region Marizza lives in. There are curses and spells and magic all around, and there’s danger. Acolytes reign with fear, the kraken at their side, and most witches have gone hiding. The world felt old and real, and it was one of my favorite aspects with the book.

Salvia was my favorite character but I hoped her age would’ve showed more. She’s centuries old and has vast knowledge, but I didn’t quite feel the extent of it. Marizza was also nice but somehow she was left a little distant, as was the case with Artiro. The story spans roughly two years if I kept up with it correctly, but a lot of it gets skipped.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the trilogy, even though this book didn’t grasp my interest as much as I would’ve expected. At times certain thoughts/descriptions were repeated within just a few paragraphs, which was slightly distracting because I felt I was being dragged backwards in the story. Hopefully the next part won’t skip as much and will offer more time with the characters to really bond with them.



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