Chapter 53 – Holiday in Budapest, part 1

I had an amazing time in Budapest last week. Here’s part one of my journey!

We arrived in Budapest on Monday evening and got on a taxi that took us to collect our keys. We stayed in an apartment so we had to get the keys from an office at a different address first. Fortunately the taxi knew where to go and we found the office without problems.

After a short tram trip, we reached the apartment which was right on Váci utca, a big (tourist) shopping street. My enthusiasm dropped slightly when we entered the building. It was dark and dusty, and we couldn’t find a light switch so we sort of stumbled carefully in the dark. Up the stairs. And into a narrow hallway leading outside.

The view to the inner courtyard was one of the creepiest I’ve seen in a while. It was nearly midnight so it was already dark and we were sneaking around with a flashlight. Try to picture this view under those circumstances:

Budapest_Apartment_Inner_CourtyardBut luckily once we got inside the apartment, it was all good. The place wasn’t too fancy but it was clean enough. Besides, we weren’t planning on spending too much time inside, so as long as we could sleep in the beds it was perfect.

Day One didn’t offer much else but on Day Two we got moving.

Well, after first spending ten minutes trying to figure out how to get out of the building. The exit door was locked and none of our keys fit. After standing there stupidly for ages, we did the one thing video games have taught people. We pressed the big red button on the wall. Luckily it did open the door instead of setting off a fire alarm or something. So then we were off!

The weather forecast had said it would be raining but fortunately it didn’t. I had to buy sun cream because I burn like paper. One ray of sun and I’m toast. Speaking of which, we had some nice chicken toast for breakfast.

We don’t have black Pepsi bottles in Finland so yes, I took a picture.

We planned on walking along the shopping street towards the Parliament house, then to the train station and the West End shopping center.

Budapest_Royal_CastleOn the way we stopped by at St. Stephen’s Basilica. I’m not religious but old churches are nice to look at and have some amazing art inside, so I occasionally visit them on my trips.

St. Stephen’s Basilica


The Parliament building was magnificent. The old architecture looked so beautiful, I’m sad we don’t have much anything like it here in Finland. We didn’t enter it but we spent some time just admiring the building. Maybe I’ll visit it if I travel to Budapest again if I have more time.

Parliament Building
Parliament Building again!
View over the Danube

West End was, well, a shopping center. There were a lot of shops and stands and cafés. I admit I like places like it. I’m not a big shopper but I like browsing stores and dreaming. I did end up buying a new bag though!


We also visited the House of Terror, a museum about fascist and communist dictatorial regimes in 20th-century Hungary. You’re not allowed to take photographs so I’ve got none of those. I’ve visited similar museums before but it’s always stopping to learn more about those times. Due to the late hour we did have to hurry a bit, which was a shame, but we did manage to get through the whole museum.

The museum was our last stop before we started looking for a place to eat and then returned to our apartment after buying some food stuff. Also after fighting with the door for another ten minutes. One merchant was giving us an odd look and was about to come and help when we finally got it open. Left him laughing though.

And that’s it for part one! Next part coming next week.

Have you been on vacation to another country/city lately? What’s your favorite holiday location?


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