Chapter 54 – Holiday In Budapest, part 2

This continues my Budapest “travel journal.” You can check out part 1 here.

On Day Three, we took it a little easier. We started with a quick tour of the Central Market Hall, a big hall full of different kinds of foods and nice crafts (tablecloths etc).

Picture by Lauri Luoma

After walking through the Market Hall, we took a relaxing trip to the Lukács Thermal Bath, where we got free entry because of our nifty little Budapest Cards.

Budapest_CardThe baths were super relaxing. They had several pools and baths with different temperatures, both inside the building and out. I think the coldest bath I saw was 24°C and the hottest 40°C. I loved the 40°C pool. At first it almost burns a little but once I got used to it, I could’ve just stayed there, take a nap. I doubt it would’ve been good for my health but anyway. I also enjoyed the warmed pool outside, where they had some nice bubble machines. No idea what they’re called but you know, vents that shoot out bubbles.

I’d recommend the place, although we had slight troubles finding it. We didn’t have time to try the other baths in the city, the bigger ones, but I’ll definitely want to visit them too if I go back.

The actual day part of Day Three was pretty much shopping, eating lunch, having a few drinks and just enjoying the city in general. We found a nice Irish Pub called Jack Doyle’s, which we ended up liking so much we went back on Day Four. The staff were very friendly and we liked the atmosphere. So there’s another suggestion for you!

My inner shopper got the best of me again and I ended up buying two skirts. Is it customary to haggle in Budapest? No idea, but I’ve always been awful at it anyway. I just smile and pay what they ask.

Budapest_skirtsIn the evening we decided to take a walk along the Danube to see the lights in the city. It was windy and my shoes wanted to kill me, but it was completely worth it. The lights were beautiful and there’s something about cities in the night I’ve always found interesting.


A whole bunch of stairs leading up to the Buda Castle. Picture by Lauri Luoma.
Buda Castle from one of the bridges over Danube. Picture by Lauri Luoma.
That’s the Parliament House in the distance We didn’t get closer because we sort of underestimated the distance and overestimated our stamina. Picture by Lauri Luoma

Budapest_Danube_night2That pretty much wraps it up for Day Three. On Sunday I’ll tell you about Day Four and Day Five, which concludes this series. But I might still show you some more pictures later, once I’ve got all of them moved to my computer.

I’d love to hear about your holidays! Do you prefer beach holidays or city/culture holidays?


4 thoughts on “Chapter 54 – Holiday In Budapest, part 2

  1. I would love to go to Budapest, I didn’t know about the baths. I hope I will get to go some day…but I am so far from Europe now (Australia).
    I definitely prefer city breaks, I get bored very easily on beach breaks.


    • If you get a chance to visit it someday, I definitely recommend it.

      I prefer city breaks too, there’s so much more to do and seeing new places inspires me more than just staying on a beach.


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