Chapter 55 – Holiday in Budapest, part 3

This continues and concludes my Budapest “travel journal.” You can check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

Day Four brought a mix of shopping and culture. Our first destination was the Mammut shopping center.

To get there, we walked through the old Budapest Castle district. They had some monuments but mostly I enjoyed just walking through the area.

Towers on the Castle District. Picture by Lauri Luoma.
The view from one of the towers
Picture by Lauri Luoma

After the walk and some searching, we found the Mammut, building one. It connects to another building as well, so there’s a lot of room!

It turned out much more “local” than I had expected but it was a very nice place. There were a lot of shops and cafés, and there was even a little market on top of it. We found it by accident, really. We saw some umbrellas on the roof-thingy when we arrived and thought there was a café or something, but it turned out to be a small market with raw meat and everything.

The highlight of my visit there was the delicious piece of cake I had. Can’t remember the name of the place but it was in the third floor on the first building. We stayed there so long we later grabbed some food from KFC. Don’t judge me for not being tourist-y, we actually don’t have that in Finland so it counts as exotic… right?

But enough of shopping. Buda Castle was waiting for us!

Once we found a tram near the Mammut (it took a while because of construction work done on the streets), we rode it to the back of the castle. I think we were slightly higher than the road on the front of the castle, but there was still enough climbing.

The back of the Buda Castle. Picture by Lauri Luoma.

We eventually found the castle yard and saw some sort of soldier/guard parade. They went by too fast for pictures but there was drumming and marching involved.

Fountain on the castle yard. Picture by Lauri Luoma.

Our great Budapest Cards came in handy again because we got free access to the permanent collection of the Hungarian National Gallery. One floor was under renovation and again we had to hurry a little (we have a knack for showing up an hour before closing time), but I liked the tour. There were mostly paintings from different eras.

Statue inside the National Gallery
Castle gardens. Picture by Lauri Luoma

After returning to our apartment, it was time for one last shopping round and then a great dinner. We did go out later and had a drink at a nearby bar/restaurant (tip: always check the bill in case they’re accidentally charging more than they should) but we were quite tired at that point, so it wasn’t exactly a late night.

Day Five was the day of our departure. We headed out early because the check-out was at ten, and then we wandered around with our luggage. We had a few hours to kill.

One last shopping trip took us to Sugar! which is a candy store/bakery. I could live in that store. Candy everywhere and tons of beautiful cupcakes sitting on the shelves. I bought a blueberry-vanilla cupcake and it was super yummy. If I had more money and a good way to transport them back to Finland, I would’ve bought another ten.

The box of the cupcake! No picture of the actual cupcake because I don’t want to make you jealous (and also because I ate it before thinking about taking a picture).

And then we headed off to the airport. Stood in line, waited in line, went through security checks, stood in line, waited, stood around, waited in heat and humidity…. The usual airport experience. So we eventually made it back to Finland, yay! But I definitely want to visit Budapest again.

I hope you enjoyed these short stories of my journey and the pictures! Once I get the rest of the pictures out of my camera, I’ll see if there’s anything good to share with you.


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