Chapter 58 – Online Writing Resources

In this post I tell you about four great websites that offer writing-related resources and motivation.

Picture by fdecomite

750 Words is a site where you’re supposed to write 750 words every day. It will be stored for you only, and there are all kinds of stats telling you how your writing went today. Very helpful if you’re trying to build a daily habit of writing but need an extra push (and there’s points involved, too!)

Daily Writing Tips offers, well, daily writing tips with a lot of advice on grammar and word usage. If you’re for example wondering whether to use farther or further, or interested in finding out some common punctuation mistakes, this is the place to go.

Fiction University has tips on pretty much anything from writing good characters to creating a better plot to figuring out how to get published. Definitely one of my favorite online resources.

The Writing Café answers questions and they also have a great list of tags. Under those tags (categories include Motivation, Characters, Crime Kit and manymany more) you’ll find posts dealing with the subject at hand.

Have you used any of these before? What are your favorite online resource sites?


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