Friday Snippet #36

For weekend inspiration, grab a few writing prompts. Also includes a chance to help out a fellow blogger!

Picture by enlaciudadsubterranea

Pick and choose from these writing prompts:

  • You’ve just been plunged into the world of the last book you read. Write about what you’ll do first.
  • An orc, a troll and a wolf go to a bar. Continue.
  • Use the following words in one story: slipper, fireworks, lemon, respect.
  • Write a letter to a person you’ve been meaning to talk to but haven’t for some reason.

Want to help?

I’m currently on a social media marketing course and for one of the assignments I have to convey a short survey. My survey is open to anyone and it only has eight questions about social media services and marketing. If you’d like to help, click here! The survey is open for a week, until 17th of July.


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