Chapter 59 – Of Darkness, Light and Inspiration

The length of day can be extremely inspiring. When you only get a couple of hours darkness – or sunlight – you can see nature in a whole new way.

In the little over six months I’ve lived in my new home town, I’ve noticed how much the amount of light affects me. The same scenery can inspire me in completely different ways depending on the amount of light.

During winter, it was dark all the time. Anyone remember this picture:

Dark forest

from a post I made way back in December? It was taken at 3 PM. Compare it to this picture, taken yesterday (or today, I suppose) around midnight:


A huge difference, isn’t it? Now, I know there are places further up north where the sun actually never sets during the summer, but this is still a new experience to me. Of course, a lot of this light goes wasted on me, because our building is under construction and covered in plastic all around. We can’t open the windows or spend time on our balcony. Yay, happy summer times…

But I was talking about inspiration.

I didn’t think the outside light could make such an impact. But there’s something about taking a walk around midnight and feel like it’s still 8 PM or something. Everything is more quiet and peaceful. There’s more room for ideas. This applies for winter too! White snow, dark sky and a ceiling of stars and moon is amazing to witness, even after the billions of times I’ve seen a similar scene.

I’ve captured scenes of nature from a very young age. I have a bunch of pictures of forests, sky, snow, flowers, sea, lakes, animals etc. which have provided me with heaps of inspiration. I don’t like to describe existing places in my stories but I certainly draw inspiration from them. It’s interesting to combine elements from various different places, and then fill the gaps with pure imagination.

But I’m always on the lookout for more material. You can never have enough, right?

I went all the way to Disneyland to photograph some trees. (Alright, that’s not THE reason I went but. Yeah.)

Something I’m still hunting for are a couple of pictures of sunset and sunrise. Currently I could easily take both photos in one night, because the time between the two is about four hours, but it’s been too cloudy. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon.

Do you get inspired by light/darkness? Have you based your story locations on existing places or do you like to come up with everything from scratch?

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