Chapter 62 – Visiting Helvetinjärvi National Park

As I mentioned in my Beginning of Summer post, one of my summer goals was to visit Helvetinjärvi National Park. Now that I’ve done so, I have to say it’s a magnificent place.


I took some photos but unfortunately I had forgotten to pack my camera (I did pack the charger, though) so I had to use my phone. The quality isn’t the best but you can see something at least!

To start off, the park was the perfect image of Finnish nature. No buildings or summer cottages, just lakes and vast forests with occasionally rocky terrain.nationalpark2We spent around four hours in there, walking from the western side to the eastern side. The weather was perfect for a hike because it was warm but still cloudy, so it didn’t get too hot in the forest.


On the eastern side of the park was the cleft called Helvetinkolu. I would not want to fall in there, but the view was amazing. One funny thing there was that I saw a dog who was the same breed as mine, which is fairly rare in Finland.

Since we were only there for a short-ish day trip, we didn’t bring much food with us, but there are several places for building a fire. You can also fish and gather berries. Fresh blueberries straight from the ground taste delicious, by the way.


The park area is so vast we had no chance of seeing all of it at once. If I go there again, I’ll probably start from the eastern side and visit some of the lakes there.

I would definitely recommend a visit to a national park if you come to Finland. If you don’t mind some climbing and rugged terrain, Helvetinjärvi might just be the place for you.


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