Chapter 63 – A Serious Amount of Series

While browsing for new books to read, I noticed that (nearly) every book was part of a series. I started wondering why.


I’ve been hearing about how writing series is getting more and more popular for a while now. I can’t remember where I saw the comment but someone said they immediately pass every book that has “Book X of the YZ Series” in the title. They didn’t want to get involved in a series. Obviously a lot of other people do (including me).

I love series because, as I’ve mentioned time and again, I can care very deeply about characters in books and I want to journey with them for as long as possible. But every now and then I like to sit back with a book I know will be over when it’s over. Sometimes they can draw me in even deeper than usual, because I know it’s a short ride and I need to take advantage of every moment.

So, I set towards Amazon to browse for books. And it was series after series. Some books didn’t even tell they were series until I reached the buy-page and scrolled down enough to find related books.

Without giving all of them a closer look, I’d imagine a major part of them were self-published books. Not a bad thing, but somehow it seems being self-published means a lot higher chance of writing series. I’ve even heard advice of how self-published authors should go for a series because it keeps people interested. After a series or two you might then go for a single book. I do think it’s important to keep writing and producing new content, but I’d like to see more ‘singles.’

Is writing a stand alone book more intimidating than starting a series? With a series you don’t have to start from scratch for every book. You already have a world and characters, so it can be easier to fall back to them. But I know some people love to come up with new worlds and characters and create everything from zero again.

And let’s not forget that series are by no means only a self-published thing! You only have to glance up at the picture on this post to see three different series, none of which are self-published or indie in any way. Series have always been a big part of books but now it seems they have taken up the space of stand alones as well.

Have you noticed an abundance of series? Does it bother you or do you gladly hop from series to series?


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