Chapter 64 – Five Reasons Why Writing is Awesome

If you’re a writer, you know writing is awesome. But in case you’re wondering, here are five things to prove it!

Picture by Tobias Vemmenby

  1. Complete freedom
    When writing, you should always write to yourself first. And you don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to, so whatever little idea pops into your head, go for it! Fantasy and sci-fi are maybe the most obvious examples of this, but there’s so many things you can do across all genres. If you’re bored, why not create a new genre?
  2. Go anywhere, anytime
    Ancient Egypt? The 70s? Year 2410? Just open up a notepad and pick up a pen (or prepare a new Word document), and you’re ready to set off. Do some research or just plunge in and use your imagination. Either way, it’ll give you a break from the real world.
  3. Blow off steam
    In good and bad alike. They say revenge never solves anything but perhaps there might just be a place for that one annoying person in your newest story… You’ll feel better and they’ll never have to know about it. Or are you completely over the moon about something? Write down the memory to make sure you never forget it, or just use your uplifted mood to fuel your other writing.
  4. Visualize dreams
    We all have dreams but writers have the tools to make them seem all the more real. Think about what your dream life looks like and write it for youself! It might only last for a moment but I’m sure it’ll give you motivation to work towards it.
  5. What if?
    What if you’d moved to a different country all those years ago? What if you’d started to play tennis at the age of 5? In the Friends episode The One Where It Could’ve Been they showed the story of the characters if they’d all done one choice differently and, despite them, they ended up where they already were. Perhaps your choice would’ve led you to the exact same place you are now – explore how!

Do you agree with these points? What makes writing awesome in your opinion?


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