Chapter 69 – Yet Another Birthday Girl

I’ve noticed a rising trend of birthday-related posts on my Reader lately. So I’m joining right in with my own musings!

I wish I knew how to bake a cake like this. I’ll have to settle with drooling after it. Picture by Rexness.

Oh and this is an overly positive post. You can imagine me doing a happy dance while sing-songing the words. Consider yourselves warned.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m turning 23. I’m not sure what to think of the number. In my eyes it doesn’t really differ from 22 but the upcoming 24 isn’t ‘too high’ yet either. So I guess the pressure of aging is off and I can focus on celebrating!

Birthdays are always nice, especially when there’s cake (like a yummy lemon-blueberry cheesecake, or the one in the picture above). I haven’t thrown a party in years though. I prefer spending the day with family or close friends.

Sometimes it’s good to look back at how life’s been going lately and where it’s heading. This year in particular I’m looking both back and forth with equal content. Yeah, the job market is non-existent while all prices are climbing higher, but I’m not sweating over it. My studies are progressing well and should end in graduation in December, my second book should hit the shelves in November, my relationship is wonderful and I feel at home in the new town. I can’t believe I’ve lived here for nine months already! The only con I can come up with is the small size of the library.

My life isn’t perfect — it never is. But it’s close enough! Time for worrying comes after New Year’s.

So before I start filling this post with pictures of puppies and kittens and sunshine and rainbows, I’d better wrap it up.

But not before saying that some credit for this happy-high goes out to YOU, my dear readers! Your comments, likes and follows cheer me up and keep me motivated to continue. I’d probably continue even if all of you disappeared but I’d be a lot less happy about it. So thank you for sticking around my blog, and hopefully we’ll spend another great year together!


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