Friday Snippet #45

When was the last time you read a craft book to help your writing? If you’re short on ideas, Goodreads comes to the rescue!

Goodreads is a goldmine for all kinds of lists of books, such as thisĀ Popular Writing Craft Books Shelf.

Do you think the list is missing something at the top? If you’ve ready some of them, what did you think?


2 thoughts on “Friday Snippet #45

  1. I absolutely rate ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King. It is part writing memoir and part writing/editing advice and was recommended to me by the author’s M.J. Hyland and Trevor Byrne. I hear ‘The Elements Of Style’ is also highly recommended by lots of writers.

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    • I’ve heard many good things about ‘On Writing’ and it’s definitely on my to-read list. ‘The Elements of Style’ is less familiar to me so I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for stopping by!


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