Chapter 72 – 10 Reasons to Enjoy Autumn

Today is the day of the September equinox, meaning it’s officially the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Here’s why it’s good news.

Picture by Yoshikazu TAKADA

This post might be a bit earlier than usual but that’s because in Finland, the exact moment for the equinox is today at 11:21 AM – meaning the moment this post went live. Just a fun fact!

Alright, let’s get to the point:

1. Rain, rain and more rain — so no one will complain if you choose to stay inside and write for the whole day!
2. It gets darker earlier, which is a good excuse to set up tons of candles and read in their light.
3. Writing in dim candle light also works, especially if you need to silence your inner critic for the moment. Can’t critique what cannot be seen, right?
4. The colors of nature can be a major source of inspiration, so pick one rain-less day for a long walk.
5. NaNoWriMo. Need I say more?
6. The atmosphere is completely unique. Taking a walk just after rain, when the ground and leaves are still gleaming in the light of streetlamps, with just a touch of wind… I can’t be the only one who loves it!
7. All those delicious hot drinks. My favorite is hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.
8. Halloween isn’t such a big deal over here in Finland, but I still enjoy the decorations. And pumpkins! They’re not that common here either, but I’m going to search the grocery stores until I find a nice big orange pumpkin.
9. First snow tends to happen during the autumn months, so that brings heaps of new things to do! But I’ll save that list for later.
10. When autumn officially ends with the December solstice, it’s only a couple of days until Christmas!

How many of these are you going to do? Or maybe there was something you never do? Either way, let me know!

And happy equinox day! (Is that a thing? Oh well, it is now.)


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