Chapter 73 – Share Your Words

One thing I love about blogging is people talking about their passions. Have one? Be a guest blogger here and share your ideas and tips!

Picture by Ruben Alexander

While my blog focuses mostly on writing, writers and non-writers alike are welcome. Topics such as inspiration, motivation, realizing dreams, finding time for your chosen craft and so many more are helpful for just about anyone.

Interested? Great!

Send me a message through this form and let me know what you’d like to blog about. I’m looking for one-time posts but if you’re interested, I can get back to you later for more content. I might not be able to promise you an exact publication date immediately, but I’ll let you know at least a couple of days in advance. Naturally I’ll link back to your blog and/or other sites you wish.

There are many angles to nearly every subject out there. Even if you’re a fantasy writer guest posting on a fantasy writer’s blog, you still have your own perspective to share. We’re all unique in our own way and I’m sure each of you have something worthwhile to say. If you’re open to the idea of saying it in someone else’s blog as well, don’t hesitate to take the chance!

I think guest posts are an amazing way to bring people together. If you like what the guest is saying, you’ll probably check them out and might find out they are offering products or services that cater to your needs. Maybe they tweet about subjects close to your heart. In any case, being introduced to someone new is also always a chance to make a new friend.

Have you followed a person after reading their guest post on a blog you’ve already been reading? If you’ve written guest posts yourself, what did you like about the experience?


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