Chapter 77 – Fallen Balance, cover and blurb

It’s time to reveal the title of my upcoming book: Fallen Balance. And here are the cover and blurb to go with it!


Note: Fallen Balance is the sequel for Awoken Dragon, and is the second book of a trilogy. This means the blurb might contain spoilers so read at your own risk!

All comments are more than welcome. Both the cover and blurb might still go through some changes before publication, which will happen in November. I’ll let you know the actual date later, once I’ve applied the finishing touches.

After the events of Awoken Dragon, Ryan’s life as the Dragon Prince is far from easy. The Gate remains unfixed and an odd disease is spreading across the continent, endangering everyone. Ryan must undertake a journey deep into the north in search of the one dragon who could have the needed solutions, but with the growing threat of rebels, his path is anything but straight-forward.

Meanwhile, Amanda is confronted by the one person she never, ever expected to see again. Now she has a choice: either put aside her resentment to help Ryan or stay put and watch from the side as her world is thrown into turmoil.

Trouble is brewing on all sides, ready to sweep Ryan and Amanda into a mess neither of them could escape. The question is, can they clean it up before they run out of time?

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