Chapter 79 – A Day in Jyväskylä

Last Saturday I spent the day in Jyväskylä, which is the seventh biggest city in Finland. I’d been there at least once before but remembered nothing, so it was a fun experience.


A big part of the day consisted of walking around the city, past several university buildings. We walked along Jyväsjärvi (Jyväs lake), up the hill to the university buildings, then down again and through the city center.

One big thing in Jyväskylä was street art. This year was the Year of Light, and the event in Jyväskylä took place in October so there were a lot of lights. Everywhere you looked, there was something going on, be it poems, lights, statues, installations… They made the city much more interesting.

Unfortunately my phone’s camera is what it is, so this picture of one of the most interesting light installations isn’t too clear:


But in the picture is a huge heart and, connected to it by strings, are the seven deadly sins. Starting from the left, they are kateus (envy), ylensyönti (gluttony), ahneus (greed), ylpeys (pride), laiskuus (sloth) and viha (wrath). Now, I know that was only six. Himo (lust) is missing and honestly I can’t tell why. I couldn’t see it anywhere. I can’t say whether it was missing or did I simply miss it, or was the heart itself supposed to represent it.

For food, we stopped at a street food bar called Taikuri (Magician). Even though I didn’t get what I first wanted because they were out, I thoroughly enjoyed my deep fried pike and fries. If you’re in the area, I’d recommend you check this place out!

Art at one of the university buildings (left) and art at the side of a street (right).

After hours in the city, we went to see the movie Crimson Peak. It was good and I can definitely see myself buying the DVD (yup, I’m one of those people who still want to have physical copies of movies… and in DVD, not Blu-ray) in the future, even though the movie could’ve been much better with some tweaks. I’m glad it turned out much, much better than Pan, which I saw a few weeks earlier. The best part about Pan was Hugh Jackman’s performance but unfortunately I’m not sure I can recommend the movie even so. Maybe if you can find a version with everything else but him cut out…?


And what better way to end the day than checking out the local bars? I rarely drink alcohol but I don’t mind tagging along others who do as long as it doesn’t get too much out of hand. I can’t remember the places we visited (my name-memory isn’t the best) but I know there were at least three of them.

Jyväskylä at night. Picture via Wikimedia Commons, released into Public Domain

To sum up, I had a great time in Jyväskylä. I can’t say I understood all the art sprinkled around the city but I loved the different lights. If you’re coming to Finland and are wondering which cities to visit, I’d say Jyväskylä is a good option to consider.


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