Chapter 80 – Tech Break

The other week, I was on a train and sitting still got boring. Instead of a laptop or a tablet or a phone, it was pen and paper that came to the rescue.


Everyone probably knows Battleships, the game where you have a grid and try to “shoot” at the coordinates where the other one has their ships. And you probably also know Hangman, where one comes up with a word and the others try to guess it letter by letter. Get enough letters wrong and you hang. Charming, isn’t it?

Anyway, me and my boyfriend played them both, with a couple of good pens and a few sheets of paper. I don’t even remember the last time I played something on pen and paper. And it was so much fun! I got ink all over my hands but who cares.

I spend so much of my time on the computer, yet there are awesome things to do without it. Like writing. Writing is such an easy thing to do with pen and paper, but I still do it very rarely. Computer is too convenient. Fixing typos, switching around scenes, doing some research… All available through a couple of clicks. But with paper, it’s such a hassle to edit that I’m much more likely to just write full speed ahead, creating more text than I might on the computer.

It got me thinking about setting aside some tech-free time. Out of all the books I’ve read this year, only a couple wasn’t on my Kindle. I love how easy ebooks are but physical books have a charm nothing else does. Maybe I should come up with a system where I read an ebook and then a physical book and so on. That’d be one thing at least.

Could some of your usual activities be done without using the latest tech? Do you think a tech-free hour every day could make a difference to your life?


3 thoughts on “Chapter 80 – Tech Break

  1. I definitely think so. Though I do write on my laptop (notes tend to be handwritten, however) I still will always retain an affinity for things done without technology : walking, reading, weather watching, even napping. I think it’s important to set time away from technology as it becomes so evident and consistent in our daily lives.

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    • That sounds interesting! I’m not a big coder myself but learning more about logic and troubleshooting should definitely be useful. It’s good even something as techy as coding can find another way of teaching.


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