Chapter 82 – Let’s get NaNoing

It’s that time of the year again when you can’t go anywhere in the writer circles without bumping into NaNoWriMo. Here are my tips on how to get a great start on your 30-day novel.


  1. Start immediately. Even if you don’t find NaNo on Day One, just get down to work right now.
  2. Keep going. Do not skip days. If you absolutely must, do not skip two in a row. You can recover from one but two is already much more daunting. Alternatively write words in advance so you’ll still be on time when you get back to it.
  3. Savor the thrill and joy. Usually the start of NaNo is the best time. You know what to write and words fly out because you’ve been itching to write for at least a week in advance. Savor this moment and take everything out of it. Go above your daily limit if your inspiration carries you; you might well need those extra words later on.
  4. Expect the downs and tough stretches. It’ll happen eventually. You’ve been writing away without a care in the world but suddenly, a block appears. Your fingers won’t write. Your head is empty. You want to give up. Prepare by creating a file of prompts or gather a group of friends to do word wars with, or bookmark some sites that offer encouragement. Others will struggle too so don’t forget to check NaNo forums for help!
  5. Have fun! NaNo is hard work and the word “fun” might not be the first on your mind. But it can be fun. For me it always is. I stress about the word count, hate what I write, realize there’s a billion other things I’m supposed to be doing and usually have a couple of breakdowns. And despite all this, I always have fun. So don’t take this too seriously. Embrace the plot bunnies, dodge the traveling shovel of death and, no matter what, don’t stop writing.

How has your NaNo started this year? My current word count is just above 3,000 but I’m hoping to get to 3,333 before the day is over. If anyone’s interested, you’re welcome to add me as a writing buddy!

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