Chapter 83 – Story Time

It’s time for another story! Today we’ll catch a glimpse of how hard it can be to find a nice home when you’re a dragon…

The problem with finding a suitable cave is that all the good ones are either taken or in a place completely idiotic. Either it’s too cold or too hot, or too high on some forgotten mountain or submerged in the Southern Sea. All bad choices for a dragon who prefers things easy, warm and dry, and who has used up all the space and more in her current cave.

And, of course, there’s the issue of decorations. After years of hoarding, I’m not going to leave my heaps of gems and raw minerals just lying around somewhere. Oh no, I’m taking them with me — every last chip. Too bad there are others looking for some sparkle as well. So many beautiful caves with mineral deposits are already taken, and usually taken by someone the size of a mountain. Did they eat the minerals to grow to such absurd sizes or were these giants naturally drawn to all the best places, I’m not quite sure.

But back to the issue of caves. I do have three options to consider. I’ve heard a lot of good about the Shard Desert. The edges of it are said to be timid enough that sand dragons can’t take the cold — always a good sign. Then again, prey is scarce, but at least there are more options than in the freezing ice. On bad days the temperature is smelting, though. The nearest lake is three hours away and so is the best prey. But there’s enough room for my current treasure. Perhaps I can even carve out some extra room later, if need be.

A slightly colder option is just west of the Summer Meadows. I say colder but it’s actually pleasantly warm all year round. The cave is much larger than the desert one and there are all kinds of prey and nice relaxation areas. On the downside, the area is extremely popular. Perhaps there wouldn’t be babies charring everything as they learn to be a proper dragon, but I’m sure there’ll be much more activity and noise that I’m used to. And who’s to say no one would take a peek in my cave while I’m out? What if someone nicks a gem?

The third option I’m not so thrilled about. It’s on a wet beach and I’m afraid the cave would get flooded if it rained heavily. Fish aren’t my favorite food but if I’m feeling extremely lazy, I wouldn’t have to go far for a quick bite. The sound of the sea does comfort me but all the birds make such a ruckus. At least I can take my anger out on them and have my revenge by simply hunting them, whereas in the Summer Meadows I can’t simply go and bite a neighbor for making too much noise in the night.

Decisions, decisions. I have to act fast because it’s a miracle I found these three vacant caves in the first place. I’ll have to mark one of them soon, preferable tonight, or someone will surely steal it.

Perhaps the Summer Meadow cave is the best for me. More opportunities to meet new dragons, right? I’m not so young anymore and the patter of tiny feet would offer another purpose in life other than hoarding, but eligible bachelors are so hard to come by these days. And what if the little love bundles mistake my emeralds for frogs?

On the other wing, I’ve never lived near the ocean before. I’ve heard good things about that too, something about peacefulness and calmness of mind. Supposedly you’ll learn to look at the world differently and put more value on everyday things and the beauty of nature. I’m not sure I need to learn that; I appreciate the beauty of nature more than many others I know. All my treasures are the product of nature and there’s nothing better than them.

The warmth of the desert is appealing and having to fly further than two miles to get food is an excellent way to exercise. I have to admit I’ve lost the lean figure I once had. It could get very lonely though, and I’ve had problems with cooling myself down in intense heat.

I think I can rule out the desert cave. Peace of the ocean or the hubbub of the meadows? I’ve had my share of peace and quiet, I believe. Perhaps it’s time to be bold. Summer Meadows, here I come!

Now, what would be the best way to transport half a ton of treasure…


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