Chapter 84 – BlizzCon 2015

I couldn’t make it to Anaheim but I did follow BlizzCon through the Virtual Ticket Stream. Even from beyond the screen, it was an amazing experience.


First, I have a confession. I only started playing Blizzard games less than two years ago, so I’m not one of those people who’s been fangirling them forever. That being said, I am kind of a fangirl now. Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone – love them all. Would love to play Overwatch if Blizzard gave me beta access…

But back to Blizzcon. There were tons and tons of announcements and I really can’t wait for 2016.

Warcraft movie in particular looked great! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you should check it out here. I’m interested in seeing how the story comes together in the movie. Video game movies tend to be… um… yeah… but I have high hopes for this one. I mean, come on. The art style itself is mind-blowing. A lot of CGI movies have the downside of starting to look quite ancient in a couple of years but I believe this movie will stand much longer. Actually, every Blizzard cinematic is always on such a high level I can’t help but be amazed. I hope the story in the movie will be just as amazing.


Speaking of Warcraft, there’ll be a new expansion for WoW called Legion. Very hyped about that too! I’m still missing Warlord of Draenor so I have some catching up to do before that though. The new area looked great and I liked the changes to daily quests (you’ll have multiple quests from different areas to choose from so you don’t always have to run that one same quest) as well as the scaling of the world to match player level. I’m just not quite certain how they’ll do the scaling if there are players with different levels on the party.

Diablo 3 is also getting new areas and tweaks. Most of my experience comes from running the campaign again and again, but I’m interested in the end-game content where you do bounties and run rifts and generally just go from one place to another smashing monsters. Which, incidentally, doesn’t really differ from the campaign… But I digress. I love how Blizzard keeps supporting this game with new content.


Heroes of the Storm is getting three new heroes and a map AND a game mode. All characters seemed cool (Lunara, a dryad; Greymane, a worgen; Cho’gall, a two-headed ogre) so I can’t decide which to play first. Cho’gall is interesting because unlike all the other heroes, he will be played by two people! Because two heads = two players. Only those who participated in Blizzcon will get him and the rest can only get him if they play with someone who already owns him. Lunara was maybe the most interesting to me because she’s a ranged assassin (which is what I usually play) with tons of mobility. Jumping over an enemy while throwing a spear at them and laughing – and then jumping right back? Yes, please. Greymane is an assassin too but again Blizzard mixes it up. He’s not ranged or melee… he’s both. In human form he has a pistol to fire and once he gets the enemy’s health low enough, he can shapeshift into a worgen and go in for the kill. So very, very interesting mechanics I’m looking forward to trying.

Hearthstone is getting a new expansion. I have to say I’ve kind of fallen out of this game recently and my decks are really bad because I don’t own any of the expansions. I really have to try to get back into it but there’s just too much other stuff to play!


Aand there was Overwatch. Haven’t played it myself but I’ve seen matches and I’d love to give it a try. It seems so chaotic and fast-paced that I get out of breath just watching it. There’ll be new heroes and a new map, which I’ll hopefully get to enjoy in beta before the actual launch. The backstory of Overwatch was lightly touched upon during the convention as well, so I’m looking forward to the first comic shorts and animated shorts which will tell us more about the characters and the world.

What I liked the most about Blizzcon was the crowd. People cheering so loud for their favorite games and favorite players in the championships. All the amazing cosplayers and Abathur hats. I wasn’t there but I could still feel the sense of community in there and would love to be able to participate one year. Not least of all because I’d love to see all the wonderful game character statues in person.

And I have to say Blizzard devs are among the best game developers out there. Listening to their panels was so much fun and you can tell just how passionate they are about their games. It’s also great to see how they have and will change the games based on feedback.

Was anyone at Blizzcon? What was it like? If you had a Virtual Ticket, what did you watch live? If you play Blizzard games, which ones are your favorites?


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