Chapter 85 – Fallen Balance proof copy!

Fallen Balance will be released in exactly one week and I finally have the proof copy. I still have a bit of work with it but I’m glad you’ll be able to read the story soon.


I received the proof copy last week and the first thing I noticed was the missing border. You can see the picture above. There’s no black bar on the top, even though there should be. I know the printing process isn’t always accurate but this had never happened before. I used the same kind of borders on Awoken Dragon and every copy of it I’ve seen had the bars. So I thought to make sure it can’t happen and modified the covers of both Awoken Dragon and Fallen Balance. I took out the borders so now the background image continues further away. This change will apply only to the printed books because for ebooks I can set the image exactly how I want it.

As for the actual content of the book, everything looked as it should. Chapter breaks and page numbers and things like that were all where I wanted them to be. I’ll have to read through it to make sure there are no typos (though I’m sure there’ll be a couple in any case). I’ve already made good progress with it and am very happy with the story.


For the paperback, I’m using CreateSpace like I did with Awoken Dragon and I don’t have anything bad to say about the experience. The one negative about CreateSpace was the way they paid royalties to certain countries (via check) but they just added a Direct Deposit, which is what Kindle Direct Publishing uses. That way royalties go straight to your bank account without any hassle with checks and banks.

I haven’t set up the Kindle version yet but it should be quick to do¬†and it usually takes less than a day for the book to appear for sale on Amazon. Problems usually come from formatting the book.

Now, CreateSpace does offer the option of sending the book files directly to KDP. It’s supposed to make the book suitable for e-readers without me having to do anything. For Awoken Dragon it did not work so I’m not even trying with Fallen Balance. I have the template from Awoken Dragon so I’m hoping it’ll be a quick and easy transfer.

But I’ll keep this short because like I said, there’s still some work to do and I want to make sure the book is in the best possible condition for the release.

Also this is the final week for the giveaway so don’t forget to check out the details here!


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