Friday Snippet #54

Today I’ll share with you a couple of links to get you started if you want to know more about dragons. And why wouldn’t you?

Picture by Kenny Louie

But first, a few bits of information about dragons these days.

Did you know that…

  • people have sighted dragons and sea serpents even in recent years? Nessie may be a hoax but what about the White River Monster…
  • there’s a ‘documentary’ by Animal Planet called “Dragons – A fantasy made real”? It follows a group of scientists who discover dragon bones and start investigating how the dragon used to live
  • there are dragons alive even today – for example bearded dragons and flying dragons?

And in case you are interested, I’d suggest you check out either The Circle of the Dragon, Draconika or Dragonsinn. Fortunately dragons are so amazing they have a huge fanbase and there’s more than enough information scattered throughout the internet. The best part? If you pick up a pen, you can start creating dragon legends of your own.

Don’t forget the giveaway I’m running, this is the last week!


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