Chapter 89 – End of NaNo

There’s still one day left to reach that 50,000 word goal but for my part, NaNoWriMo 2015 is over. I’m glad and proud and just a bit exhausted.


As much as I love doing NaNo, I’m not so thrilled about the end. After four weeks of rigorously typing away, every day, it’s suddenly over. What now?

The easy answer is: keep writing.

So simple. Even though NaNo is over, we should all keep to this new writing habit. Perhaps lower the daily word count but once the habit is there, we should stick to it. After every NaNo I’ve thought to myself that this time I’m finally going to start writing every day. Because I’m a writer, and writers write. Then something comes up and I miss a day. The following day something else pops up and before I realize it, I’ve missed a whole week. There goes that habit.

It’s so easy to stop. And it’s easy to beat myself up over it. But this time, I have another plan. No daily word targets.

I quite like my NaNo story but it’s a huge mess, so I’ll use December to try to whip it up into shape. I’ll create a better outline to catch missing scenes, do a bit more research, get to know my characters more. It could just become a viable manuscript yet. But for once I’m not going to stress too much about it.

AndĀ first I’ll allow myself a moment of rest.

Congratulations everyone who’s been doing NaNo for this part month! Are you planning on revising your novel? Will you keep writing every day? How are you going to reward yourself for reaching the purple bar?


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