Chapter 90 – Christmas Is Coming

Three weeks left but I’m guessing those will, once again, be the fastest weeks of the year. If you walk outside in December, it seems to be the time for buying and spending. I can’t say I don’t buy anything but for me Christmas is about something else than gifts.

Picture by liquidcrash

When I was a kid, I watched a movie where Santa Claus was sad people never wished anything for other people, just for themselves. I then wrote another wishlist where I wished stuff for my family. I can’t remember how old I was and I’m pretty sure they didn’t get anything I wished. But it’s the thought that counts…?

In any case, the older I get, the less Christmas is about gifts. I still tell a few wishes to my family if there’s something I want, and I’m happy to give gifts for others, but it’s not what I look forward to the most. I look forward to Christmas dinner and all the candy and chocolate, and I look forward to spending time with people. I look forward to the decorations and lights, and snow. Although to be fair, a snowy Christmas isn’t a guarantee and I’ll enjoy it even without, but there’s just something magical about snow that can’t be replaced.

Another great thing about Christmas is the chance to relax. Well again, the older I get, the less chance there is to relax because I have to go out and figure out what gifts to get, how to transport them to the right city, where do I go and when and so on. It was so much easier as a kid. You just waited for the moment it was time to open the presents while munching on gingerbread cookies. But there’s still time to just sit back and enjoy the moment, recharge energy for the upcoming year. I’m really looking forward to that.

So to me Christmas is about having a good time in good company. It’s about all those silly Christmas movies and cups of hot chocolate. About joy. And candy. Really looking forward to those.

How do you celebrate the end of the year holidays? Do you love chocolate as much as I do?


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