Chapter 92 – Do It, Now

I recently found several nice weekly writing prompt sites and I was excited to get started on the challenges. Then they all quit.

Picture by Vic

Okay, not all of them quit, but the ones I was most excited about did. I bookmarked the pages, prepared for next week’s challenge and then returned… only to find a “Thanks for participating everyone but this was it!”-note on two sites.

I was disappointed.

I occasionally take some writing prompt I find around the web but I’ve never done anything on a weekly basis. I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve looked at different weekly features, but for some reason I never tried them. Sadly enough, when I finally decided it was time to give them a chance, they were already at the end of their road.

What if I had found them earlier? What if I’d written several pieces already? If I’d just made the decision a couple of months ago, for example, by now I would’ve developed my skills so much more.

That’s the thing about writing. All words are good words, and the only way to develop our skills is to write.

So I’m here to tell you, and myself, the thing we all know but too rarely heed:

If you want to do something, do it now.

Novels, poems, blogging, crit groups… whatever it is you’ve been thinking about doing, go for it. Now. Don’t wait for the weekend. I missed my chance with the weekly sites but at least it reminded me of how important it is to make decisions and force yourself to do something you’ve been thinking about, no matter how hard or intimidating it sounds.

I just spent a month writing a new novel and thought it was time to take it easier, but apparently that’s just not for me. Sure, I’m dedicating time for revising my NaNo novel and planning the third book of my trilogy, but I want something more. Something quick and easy. Something I can turn to when all the novels feel a bit too much.

At the moment I’m participating in Blogging U. Writing 101: Poem a Day. I don’t know anything about poetry. I don’t really write poems. But I figured why not? I might be breaking the rules a bit but I won’t be posting those poems here every day. Instead, you’ll get a compilation on Friday, so keep an eye out!

But when that ends, I’ll have to start hunting for something else. Suggestions?

What have you been dreaming of but always put off and will finally do today?


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