Chapter 94 – Time to Relax

Like I said in a previous post, I love Christmas because it gives me time to relax. Here are some of my favorite ways to relax, especially during this holiday season.

Holidays are also great for sleeping!

1. Mulled wine and gingerbread
On a cold evening, what could be better than a cup of hot mulled wine, a plate of gingerbread biscuits and a blanket? Any hot beverage could work but mulled wine just spells Christmas for me.

2. Sauna
The Finnish sauna is also great at warming you up. Just sit back and relax in the heat until you start feeling dizzy.

3. Christmas movies
I love nearly all kinds of Christmas movies but if they are children’s films, all the better. I am a big child.

4. Reading
Do I need to explain this?

5. Eating
I love Christmas food and could eat tons of certain dishes. But this also covers all the chocolate and candy. I know they’re not healthy and blah blah, but it’s the holidays! I can get back to healthy food next year.

6. A Walk Outside
Depends on the weather. If it’s just below zero, with a nice coat of snow and a clear sky, then it’s the perfect moment for an evening walk. The sparkling snow and twinkling stars just are beautiful, am I right?

How do you relax over the holidays? Or are your holidays so jam-packed that you’ll relax once they’re over?

Also I’d like to note that my blog is starting to drift towards a Holiday Break. I’ve still got some poems coming up on Friday, but after that I can’t promise another post before January 3rd. I’ll be around, reading your posts and will be available for chatting and such, but my biggest focus will be on relaxing and spending time with my family. But we’ll still see on Friday!


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