Friday (Saturday) Snippet #59

Sorry I’m a day late with this, but yesterday was my graduation party and I simply didn’t have enough time to post! But here they are, my poems for the rest of the Blogging U. Writing 101: Poem a Day challenge.

Let me know what you think! I also want to wish everyone a great rest of the week, as my blog will now settle down for a little break.

(I tried a little something new with this so I’m posting the poem as a photo)




A curved line without purpose
colors splashed as if from the rain
no sense, no reason it seems
at a first glance
but if you stop
if you let the chaos wash over you
follow the rollercoaster of colors
the ideas splotched before your eyes
you can find the harmony
the message
the scene
that could, easily, become lost
in the sidelines


Just a shadow in the corner
hugging the wall, tightly
with perked up ears

“Don’t mind me”
as you carry on your daily life
pay no attention to
the wallflower on your heels

No cause for alarm
it’s just me with my pen
and notepad

“Do continue”
I ask as I scribble down
your every word


This may be goodbye to something
but it’s also hello to
an era longer still

This may be leaving some behind
but it’s also entering
the wide wide world

The door may close after me
but opportunities await
ahead where the future opens

It might only be a pile of papers
but it compiles years past
and creates several more

This is the day I get my Degree
but it’s not the end
it’s merely the beginning


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