Chapter 95 – Write on to 2016

Happy New Year everyone! The start of the year is a great time for plans, and even though I didn’t make any proper resolutions this year, here are some things I’m really looking forward to.

Picture by Jeff Golden

First of all, I’m going to write. Not a surprise and certainly nothing new, but it’s good to mention it at the top of the list. Again. I’m heading into what could possible be a couple of months of non-employment so I’ll have more than enough time to tackle my two novels, my blog, perhaps some short stories and whatever else I can come up with. What are you currently writing/planning to write?

Goodreads prompted me to set a reading challenge for the year so I figured why not. Last year my resolution was to read 6 books and I passed it with flying colors. This year I’m aiming for 12. My To Read-pile never seems to get smaller and I got a brand new pile of books for Christmas/graduation presents. I’m looking forward to tackling them along with all the new discoveries I’ll make during the year. If you set a reading goal, how many books are you aiming for?

In addition to simply writing my blog, I’m always going to work on improving it. I quite like the new theme so it was a good start, but the biggest focus will always be on the contents. Last year I posted some fiction pieces but I’d love to do more. Also I’ll be writing reviews as I tackle my reading challenge. Do you have some special plans for your blog this year?

And of course I’m looking forward to meeting all you wonderful people out there. If you’d like to write a guest post for my blog, drop me a line! My last year’s resolution of being more engaged with all of you didn’t work out quite as I hoped, but I’m giving it another run.

The start of the year offers me a huge motivation boost and I’m going to take full advantage of it. I’d love to hear about your plans as well, so don’t forget to leave a comment, and I hope you’ll join me in all the creative adventures this year has to offer!


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