Review: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

In Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the big magic in the universe and the invisible forces of creativity that flow all around and through us.


This book has been mentioned a lot lately and in fact the reason I became interested in it is that I saw it on Blondewritemore (thanks for the tip!). I’m glad I saw it because once I sat down to read this book, I was immediately enthralled.

I’m not sure I agree with everything said on the book but I enjoyed reading it and felt it had some helpful points. And it left me feeling more creative, which is always a plus.

Big Magic uses a lot of example stories and I quite liked them. In a way it’s comforting to know there’s a story for every situation — meaning someone else has probably already gone through something similar you’re going through now.

One part I enjoyed the most was how Elizabeth talked about the suffering artist and how some people took the idea too far. Even I’ve heard people say that writing is painful and full of suffering and we just have to push through. But Elizabeth points out that she always approaches her work with love and curiosity. There are hard times and yes, we have to endure them if we want to be writers, but we definitely don’t have to seek out troubles to be creative.

I also liked the very laid back attitude towards creativity. Maybe it’s dis-encouraging to some to hear that they might never reach their dreams and goals, but what I took away from this book is that reaching them doesn’t always matter. If we enjoy what we’re doing, that’s already reason enough to do it. I love writing so I’ll write, whatever the end result.

All in all I would recommend this book. To some it might come across as too cheesy, but if you can read it for what it is — one woman talking about her ideas on creativity and creative living — it can offer nice new insights and perspectives.


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