Chapter 104 – Day of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day — or how we call it here in Finland, Friend’s Day! Today is the widely celebrated day of love but love comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Picture by Andrew Fogg

Like I said, in Finland this day is about friends. Or at least the word is about friends, although it does also involve chocolate, roses, cuddly toys and romantic dinners with your partner.

That’s what I think is interesting about Valentine’s Day. Somewhere it’s obviously about romantic, couple-style love and making grand romantic gestures. Somewhere it’s more about appreciating friends.

I’m one of those people who are heading out for a romantic dinner. Also video games, because even that can be romantic! But I’ve also spent many a year simply sending a card to my friends to show how much I care about them.

What’s most important about today is reminding us of those closest to us. It’s easy to forget to show your appreciation and love, it’s easy to lose yourself in the daily routines or think “they know I care, I don’t have to say it.” I like to think this day is about reminding us to show it. Tell them you care. Show them. It doesn’t have to be a giant box of chocolates; maybe just do the dishes even though it’s not your turn?

Little things. Huge things. Whatever you do, keep that love with you for the rest of the year as well. Always show those you love that you care!

Aaand before I get too sappy (I’m a giant Disney fangirl who loves chocolate and everything cute and cuddly, so if I get on the roll, you’ll never stop me), I’ll hand this over to you guys!

What are your plans for the day? Date,  going out with friends or maybe taking your parents to the movies or baking with your siblings or simply staying home?


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