Chapter 109 – Write State of Mind

Sorry for the bad pun, but I do find it funny. In any case, I’m back to writing and my mood couldn’t be better! If you need a bit of a cheer, here are 5 spring-y things for you to try.

Picture by Aenea-Jones

Let me know which ones worked for you or if you have any tips of your own!

1. Enjoy the sun

At least here in Finland, spring is slowly arriving which means more and more light. Currently I live far enough in the north that during winter there’s only a couple of hours on sunlight whereas during summer there’s barely a few hours of darkness.

I don’t hate winter but nothing quite compares to the moment you walk outside and feel the warmth of sun for the first time that year.

If the amount of sunlight is increasing where you live, take advantage of it and go out for a walk! Or just leave your curtains open in your living room etc. so when you exit the bedroom in the morning, you’ll be immediately refreshed.

2. Clean up your computer/closet/room/home

Now, don’t cringe! I hate cleaning too but a small project works wonders to refresh your mind. If you don’t feel like getting up (like me, usually) you can simply organize and clean up the files on your computer. I’m sure you have unused files lying around.

Once you’ve cleared up the useless stuff, you’ll find the things you need much faster and can even backup easier.

If you still have energy to spare, try cleaning your closet and see how that helps.

3. Find pictures of spring and summer

Such as the one above. I ran into it on the front page of DeviantArt and it immediately gave me a surge of energy. Even though the weather outside can be dreadful during the end of winter/start of spring, fortunately the internet is full of beautiful pictures of spring and summer.

Imagining what your surroundings will look like in a couple of months is also great practice for your imagination.

If you notice you’re relying too much on memory, choose a random place you haven’t visited and try to see what it’d look like in the spring.

4. Plan a small activity

Be it a picnic in the nearby park or a short bicycle trip, make some plans for when spring truly hits. Then execute on the first warm, dry weekend possible.

I myself have been longing to go on a longer trip aboard for a while now but under the circumstances, I’ll still be waiting for a looong time. So while I wait for that, smaller plans will have to do!

A picnic doesn’t sound like much but if set your mind on it, it can be a tiny little adventure. If everything fails and you’re hit with a hail storm while sitting on a blanket in the middle of a park, don’t worry — at least you have something to write about later.

5. Write

Yes, I’m here to recommend writing right after my last post which recommended not writing. If you’re not completely stuck and overburdened by writing (and other stuff life can throw at you), jotting down ideas is fun and cheery. Even if you prefer writing something dark and twisted, there’s still the joy of creation.

I’m putting all my effort into the final part of my trilogy, but you could try a few short stories or even poems. Or if you don’t have solid ideas and seem stuck with writing anything longer, just write random words that pop into your head.

Pick a theme — like spring — and write down all the words you associate with it. Maybe that pile of words will transform into a story later on. If not, use it as fuel to write your next blog post.


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