Chapter 111 – Packing for Camp April

NaNoWriMo’s Camp April is just around the corner! Are you prepared? I know I’m not, so I created this little list to help me (and you) through it.

Picture by tetue

1. What’s your Goal, again?
Camp is awesome because it let’s you set your own goals. My goal started out as “edit at least 1 hour every day” but it has changed into “write write write and edit edit edit.” Not the most elaborate plan, I admit, but oh well.

2. Break the Camp Goal into Daily Goals
Whatever your overall goal is, make sure you know what you have to do each day to achieve it. If your goal is writing 20,000 words, don’t go to sleep until you’ve written 667 words. If your goal is to edit for one hour, mark it on your calendar.

3. Meet fellow campers
If you’re in a cabin, make sure you’ve at least introduced yourself in the cabin chat. Being in a cabin can be a huge source of inspiration (and a place for crying if you fall behind) so don’t miss out!

4. Choose a reward
Everything is better when there’s a reward, yes? For those of you with more problems sticking to a schedule, think of some small weekly rewards. Maybe even daily rewards, if you’re super careful. For example: “I can watch the newest episode of my favorite TV show once I’ve reached my weekly goal” or “If I reach my daily goal before 6 PM, I can add an extra piece of chocolate to my evening snack.”

5. Pack the bags
Ready your notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, post-its, laptops, phones, word processors… Anything and everything you might need during Camp. Make sure they’re easily available and preferably always right next to you, because you never know when inspiration might strike.

Are you all set and ready to go with an elaborate plan, or are you going to start with a blank page and see where your mind takes you?

Any additional Camping tips?


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