Chapter 112 – Camp Update

It’s (almost) the halfway point of Camp April, so I wanted to share my progress and ask how you guys are doing!


First of all, my plans for the Camp changed completely. I was supposed to use the whole month for editing but so far I’ve only written new stuff. Fortunately it’s not that bad because I still have time for editing later in this month and also in May.

I even like what I’m writing! Not all the time, obviously (does anyone love everything they write?), and I probably have to cut more than I would like in the end, but overall I’m enjoying the story. My characters have been surprisingly helpful this time around. Whenever I’m stuck, I just follow one of them and before I even realize it, the story is flowing again.

I’ve been keeping up with my daily targets fairly well, for the most part. I had to travel to another city for a few days and that left me with a couple of zero-writing-days and it took me five days to finally catch up. But I did catch up! There’s something completely wonderful about getting back on track but if I can avoid it for the rest of the month, I will. It’s also completely stressful.

I’ve also really enjoyed my Cabin. When I struggle, it’s easier to handle it when I see others have problems as well. Likewise when the words are flying out, it’s great to share that with others who are doing well. And of course there’s all that other banter that may or may not relate to writing, but all of it just adds to the experience.

How are you doing with your Camp? If you’re in a cabin, do you feel it’s helping you? Have you taken part in any word wars or the like?

If you’re not participating, how’s your current project doing, whatever it might be?

I know this is a short one, but I still have today’s words to finish and NaNoWriMo is the best excuse for everything. Keep on writing, guys!


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